An Elegant Solution
For Schools


Enabling Simpler Communication & Smarter Security

With dozens of unique features tailored to the needs of students, parents and faculty alike, That School App is perfectly suited to better connect schools and local communities.

Students & Parents

Teachers & Admin

  • Instant Alerts

    Receive instant alerts for school delays or cancellations, weather updates, & other critical announcements.

  • Track Homework

    Students can more easily track assignments and interact with their instructors.

  • Sports & Events!

    Stay up to date with school athletics, organizations, and other events!

  • Smarter & Safer

    Keep your students and faculty safe: safely control school emergencies & more!

  • Communication

    Keep faculty, students, parents, informed and up to date with the tap of your finger!

  • Customize It!

    Customize the colors and overall feel to match your school, and easily integrate local adverts!

Two Apps in One

  • Students & Parents

    The public-facing app is already available for schools across the United States. Users can check on school events, sports scores, weather, and more with a single touch from our simple, intuitive interface.

  • Teachers & Faculty

    One of the most exciting features of our platform is our administration app; with the safety app, teachers and administration can manage announcements, alerts, and control dangerous events quickly and safely. Schools can receive precise situational information within seconds, enabling them to make accurate decisions in critical moments and more effectively communicate with staff and authorities.

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